What is the World Water Day 2018 and how can you save water?


Water is something we in the UK certainly take for granted. It’s easy to be ignorant and think that since so much of the world is covered in water, we have unlimited resources. But, that’s clearly not the case.

2.1 billion people on earth live without safe drinking water at home. This can cause health problems, and even lead to death. World Water Day – which is today – aims to rectify this and bring safe drinking water to everyone. (Picture: Getty) This year’s theme is Nature for Water. Some of the big causes for the water shortages we’re experiencing are pollution, climate change, and man-made environmental damage.

As the water sources we use become polluted or degraded, it makes it even harder to get fresh water to people who desperately need it. On top of this, climate change leads to further droughts, as well as flooding in other areas. (Picture: Getty) The idea is to raise awareness of nature-based solutions to help the water-related crisis.

These solutions include planting trees to replenish forests, reconnecting rivers to floodplains, and restoring wetlands. Not only are these methods sustainable, they’re also cheaper than other options, and will help us work towards the goal of making sure people worldwide have clean water by 2030.

Globally, 80% of our waste water flows back into the environment without being reused or treated. That means we have a lot of room for improvement.


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