How to delete the Kong workspace+how to delete an empty workspace of kong+cannot delete an empty workspace


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When we try to delete a workspace, an error is occurred as below then some of roles and files are available, we should remove/delete those files and roles then it is possible to delete the same.

Team –> Roles (tabs) –> select the appropriate workspace
    – display the default role : you should delete those roles
click the menu Workspace –> select the appropriate workspace –> Dev Portal –> Editor
    – delete all those files which are listed left side menu
    – folder delete option won’t work, should have a patient to delete those files

then edit workspace –> then “delete” it should possible to delete the workspace

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 14.54.14.png

When creating a Workspace, four default Roles are added automatically.

If you delete these system generated roles, then edit the workspace and delete the workspace.

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