Google control the weather in Netherlands. Unbelievable!


From fetching all the information on our screens at just one click to helping us access global maps and getting accurate weather predictions, Google has made umpteen other things possible for us  — all in our smartphones. Surprisingly, now it has taken one step ahead by claiming to do something unbelievable!

While weather predictions can help us prepare ourselves to brace a storm or massive blizzards, a new project has set its eyes to go one notch higher. Announcing its latest project ‘Google Wind’, the company claims to be able to change the direction of winds and control the weather in the Netherlands using Holland’s famous windmills. Can you believe it?

Known for its tulips and windmills, the country has a moist climate and there aren’t many sunny days to wake up to. The multinational technology company stepped in to help the Dutch witness bright sunny days! They shared a video on YouTube to show a sneak peek into their project. “Using them [windmills] not to capture wind, but to generate them,” the video caption reads. The bold project even vouches to control the rainfall!

Watch the video here.


Well, one shouldn’t get too excited about the wind project as the video was released on March 31. Every year Google brings out a wacky idea that later turns out to be the greatest prank of the year. Remember last year when they launched Google Cardboard Plastic VR glasses? Or the time when they released Gmail motion? Yes, they all were great April Fools’ Day pranks, and this might just be one of those.


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